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Academic Programs


Philosophy majors and minors may elect to pursue either the general course of study in philosophy or, if they choose, a major or minor concentration either in the area of Law and Philosophy or in the area of Ethics. The general course of study in philosophy is designed for students who have broad interests in philosophy or who wish to prepare for graduate school in philosophy. The concentration in Law and Philosophy is designed for students with an interest in law or in legal and political theory. The concentration in Ethics is designed for students with interests in theoretical or applied ethics, or medicine, nursing, and other professions in the fields of ethics, health care, and biomedical research.

The study of philosophy provides a powerful perspective on other academic subjects ranging from literature and art to biology and mathematics as well as an exceptionally strong background for such diverse professions as teaching, journalism, medicine, ministry, and business as well as law. A major or minor in philosophy can thus be profitably combined with a variety of other majors. For more information about the philosophy program, click here.

Religious Studies

Religion courses at TCNJ explore religion and its place in human life and provide critical insight into the fundamental tenets and practices of the major religious traditions. The Self-Designed Major, Religion Minor and Interdisciplinary Concentration in Religious Studies allow a sustained and deeper study of these matters. They provide valuable background for careers in social work, counseling, various religious vocations, and other fields.

Classical Studies

The Classical Studies Program offers students an opportunity to explore the exciting worlds of classical Greece and Rome – the history, art, archaeology, literature, philosophy, science, religion, politics, and languages. Courses in all these aspects of Greek and Roman history and culture are offered by specialists from the relevant departments. Students may take individual courses or work towards a Self-Designed Major, Minor, or Interdisciplinary Concentration in Classical Studies.