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Gerald W. Barnes

Gerald W. BarnesGerald W. Barnes, Professor Emeritus

B.A. Cornell; Ph.D. Harvard University

Contact Address:
31 Barkston Gardens
London SW5 0ER
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 01 01 259 2895

Some areas of special interest:  Ethics, philosophy of language, epistemology, philosophy of mind, metaphysics (particularly Compatibilism), history of modern philosophy (especially in connection with Kant and Hume).

Teaches (besides the basic and core courses):  Introduction to philosophy; logic; history of ancient philosophy; history of modern philosophy; Kant’s moral philosophy; Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason; Hume; ethics; social and political philosophy; 20th century analytic philosophy; 20th century moral philosophy; perception (problems); philosophy of mind (problems); the unconscious (problems); philosophy of language (problems); epistemology (problems); “Reason, Human Nature, and Ethics.”

Articles:  “In Defense of Kant’s Doctrine of the Highest Good,” The Philosophical Forum (Summer 1971); “Utilitarianisms,” Ethics (October 1971); “Unger and Skepticism,” Philosophical Studies (March 1973); “Some Remarks on Belief and Desire,” The Philosophical Review (July 1977); “Mince Pie Reasoning,” Analysis (June 1982); “The Conclusion of Practical Reasoning,” Analysis (October 1983).
Also at TCNJ: Department. Chair, 1972-1978; stretches thereafter as Acting Chair; many A&S and College committees; designed and taught the first course in the Honors Program; various non-committee activities (e. g., started the student Philsophical Society).

Other:  Has lived in London since 1999, and finds it exhilirating.

Currently working on: Trying to develop a novel line of argument against Compatibilism (regarding determinism and properties ostensibly instantiated in the world (intentionality, blameworthiness, etc.).