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Consuelo Preti

Consuelo Preti, Professor


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Ph.D. CUNY Graduate Center

Some areas of special interest:  Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, History of Early Analytic Philosophy.

Teaches: courses in the above areas, as well as 20th Century Philosophy, Metaphysics, Wittgenstein.

Research: (Books)The Metaphysical Basis of Ethics: G.E. Moore and the Origins of Analytic Philosophy, Palgrave/Macmillan (December, 2021);  Early Analytic Philosophy: An Inclusive Reader (with Kevin Morris), Bloomsbury Academic (2022); Analytic Philosophy: An Introduction (Routledge Contemporary Introductions to Philosophy), Routledge (forthcoming). G.E. Moore: Early Philosophical Writings (with T. Baldwin), Cambridge University Press (2011); On Kripke (Wadsworth, 2003); On Fodor (with Victor Velarde) (Wadsworth, 2000). (Book chapters):   “Moore’s Alleged Revolt from Idealism,” in Cambridge Idealism: A History (ed. L. Verburgt). Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming. “What Russell Meant When He Called Moore a Logician”: in Logic from Kant to Russell, ed. S. LaPointe (London: Routledge), 2019. “The Context and Origin of Moore’s formulation of the Naturalistic Fallacy,” in N. Sinclair. (ed.) The Naturalistic Fallacy (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), 2019, 54-72.“Bertrand Russell and G.E. Moore” to appear in The Oxford Handbook of Bertrand Russell, ed. K. Klement, Oxford University Press, forthcoming.   “Emily Elisabeth Constance Jones and G.E. Moore on Naturalism, Logic, and Ethics,” to appear in Women in Early Analytic Philosophy, ed. G. Ostertag. Oxford University Press, in progress. “Some Problems of Moore Interpretation,” in Preston, ed. Analytic Philosophy: Interpretations (March 2017); “The Origin and Influence of G.E. Moore’s “The Nature of Judgment” ” in Theories of Judgment in Early Analytic Philosophy and Phenomenology (ed. M. Textor), Palgrave/Macmillan (2013); (Recent Articles):”How to Read Moore’s ‘Proof of An External World’ (JHAP, March 2016); “ “He Was In Those Days Beautiful and Slim”: Bertrand Russell and G.E. Moore, 1894-1901,” Russell: The Journal of Bertrand Russell Studies, n.s. 28 (winter 2008–09): 101–26 ; “On the origins of the contemporary notion of propositional content: anti-psychologism in nineteenth-century psychology and G.E. Moore’s early theory of judgment,” Studies in History and Philosophy of Science,” Part A (Vol. 39, issue 2): June 2008, pp. 176-185. (Conference Presentations): “How Not to Do History of Analytic Philosophy” (APA, January 5, 2022).  “The Extrusion of Thought From the Mind,” (Society for the History of Analytic Philosophy, July 14, 2021). “Yours Fraternally: Bertrand Russell and G. E. Moore” (McMaster University, January 2019). “Moore’s Logic,” McMaster University (Logic in Kant’s Wake conference, May 2016); “The Elements of Ethics,” Society for the History of Analytical Philosophy (June 2016); Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne, Early Analytic Philosophy Conference (April 2009): “Russell and Moore, 1898”; McMaster University Research Talks on Moore and Russell (October, 2008); British Society for the History of Philosophy Conference (March 2005): “Moore’s Theory of Propositions: A Reconsideration”; APA Eastern Division Conference: (December 2004): “Moore’s Early Theory of Judgment”;  (Research Awards): Franklin Grant for Research, American Philosophical Society (2007); (Recent Reviews):  T. Horgan and M. Timmons, Metaethics After Moore (Oxford University Press), in Journal of Value Inquiry, January 2011; S. Boulter, The Rediscovery of Common Sense Philosophy (Palgrave/Macmillan), Mind, April 2009; 118: 445-448; S. Nuccetelli and Gary Seay, Themes From G.E. Moore: New Essays in Epistemology and Ethics (Oxford University Press), Philosophical Quarterly, July, 2009, (59): 563-566. Associate Editor: Journal of the History of Analytical Philosophy.

Also at TCNJ: College Promotions Committee (2007-2009), Interim Chair (Philosophy Dept), Spring 2008; SOSA committee (2003-2007); Library Liaison.

Other: I teach yoga, pilates, HIIT, and spin, and when I’m not doing that, I’m playing hockey.

Currently working on: A fuller and historically more accurate account of the nature of analytic philosophy.